I Used To Live Here (IUTLH) VR is a virtual reality narrative piece I've created as part of my final project for the Creative Computing course at the University of the Arts London : Camberwell College of Arts CCI.

Showing June 23rd - 26th at the Greencoat building, Wilson Road, Camberwell, London



Design & Development

I worked on developing the original concept, design and implementation using Polycam for LIDAR scanning, Blender for setting up models and environments, Unity for post processing and interactivity. With help from instructors and technicians, this piece is viewable on HTC Vive and Oculus Quest 2


Experience • VR

I used to live here explores the relationship between living spaces, their physical boundaries and the emotions we deal with in these spaces.

This narrative is based on my POV after moving to London, one year after the COVID pandemic. As I continue to move around and experience living in different spaces, the project would be updated in continuum.