Brand and product design for Fliqpay. A cryptocurrency backed payment company built in Africa, for the world. Backed by Techstars



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Fliqpay is a crytocurrency payments company that enables businesses receive payments in cryptocurrencies & get settled in their local currency.

Born out of a need to create a new way to process payments for businesses & non-profits in Africa, Fliqpay was founded by young entrepreneurs who wanted to democratize the payment landscape in Africa. Currently, businesses are only able to receive payments for transactions and get settled in not less than 3 to 5 business days. Coupled with hefty transaction fees and international business restrictions, these businesses struggle to scale operations and grow customers.

Fliqpay solves these issues by providing the tools and technology that businesses need at different stages of their growth. From instants settlements, and multi currency support to a powerful dashboard, businesses can now focus on rendering their best services and worry less about payment issues.

The Problem

Old ways for a modern world.

Reframing the problem.

When I was about to start the design for Fliqpay's flagship product, I sat with the stakeholders and CEO to state out the hard facts and brainstorm towards a collective goal for the project. It was simple. Give businesses control over how they get paid for their services and products. After several meetings with engineers, we set out technical specs and requirements, the design phase started with mapping out the customer journey. In this exercise, I spoke to business owners to understand how they currently solve payment issues for their customers and what pain points they experience in the process.

To maximise the impact of the design process, I worked in tandem with two engineers to iterate quickly and deliver an MVP, which was tested with the businesses I had spoken to earlier in the process.

Listening to business owners.

To get a sense of the current landscape, I carried out a survey to understand what was working and what wasn't working in different markets. The end goal of this survey was to validate three things - 1. How much of a need exists for Fliqpay's flagship product? 2. What parts of the process were extremely fragmented and 3. What could be done to tie all the moving pieces together. To follow up on the survey, and by means of contexual enquiry, I had a sit down with some business owners and managers to infer if the survey result data matched reality. Together we created mind maps to visually organize the information they provided. The results were not shocking.

What insights were uncovered?

  • In some countries, people like freelancers working remotely, felt trapped by weak and devalued currencies. They were constrained to accepting payments using escrow services.
  • Non profits raising money for charitable causes often ran into roadblocks when organizing and receivng donations from foreign contributors.
  • For businesses, particularly those involved in international trade, they were experiencing loss of value due to disrupted transactions & crazy chargebacks.
  • For these businesses, some of their customers were not getting enough options for cross border payments.

Making use of low fidelity wireframes and user flow diagrams, I was able to visualize the data from user research. By collaborating with the engineering team, I came to understand the constraints of design decisions on building this product. Another way I reinforced my design decisions, was using A/B testing for core parts of the UI.


A real solution

Instant Settlements

Get paid now, get settled now.

Unlike existing payment gateways and processors, Fliqpay takes the guess work out of when a merchant get settled. With payment tools, advanced settings and controls, merchants can decide how they get paid and when they get payouts. It removes the complications surrounding following up with customers to confirm payments, either split or in full. The icing on the cake for businesses happens when they get that sweet payment alert that a transaction was succesful and they've been credited to their bank accounts.

Delightful experiences.

In delighting users, I opted for a simple and efficient way to showcase Fliqpay's core features. The magic of Fliqpay, is that it enables businesses receive payments for services in cryptocurrency and get paid in their banks account in their local currencies. Amazing, right?. Interestingly, most businesses I talked to couldn't wrap their heads around this concept. To solve for this, I designed what I call - a living transaction, where a transaction is always in flux until certain conditions are met. This way businesses are able to follow the journey of every transaction from beginning to end, while their customers enjoy quality services.

Running sprints. Putting it all to test.

At key milestones in the design phase, I ran short design reviews / sprints, to get feedback using high fidelity prototypes. Using collaborative tools and a cocktail of remote usability testing techniques, I was always able to get immediately feedback, which then led to fast iterations. Since, the product was still in private beta, a testing session was organized with both the implementation team and business owners of different sizes, including friends and coworkers. To validate our assumptions, we tested for a variety of user scenarios to discover if we had aligned design and engineering with business needs.


An updated identity

Elevating the brand

Updating parts of the brand identity to reflect the position of the business and what differentiates it, I took on this part of the project by placing focus on custom in-product illustrations and icons to support and display information that mattered within the right context. Sticking to the existing typeface, I expanded its applications to cater for a diverse array of touchpoints. I also created a pattern library based on familiar visual cues for money and transactions.